Nude Swimming – AKA Skinny Dipping date idea illustration

What could be more exciting than stripping off all your clothes on a hot summer night and jumping in the cool water with your significant other. Not only will the feeling of the water be exhilarating, but even just the idea of getting completely naked in a public area where you could get caught will really push your limits.

Preparation steps:

  • As you can imagine, there is not a whole lot that is needed in order to strip down and jump in a pond, lake, river, or ocean. The most important thing you will want to bring with you is a set of soft towels. Honestly, it is a good idea to grab a few extra so you can lay them on the ground to ‘relax’ after your swim. If the mood strikes you.
  • Another key step in preparing for this date night is finding the right location. Most places have public decency laws, which means if you are caught naked by the police, you could get arrested. If getting arrested while nude isn’t on your bucket list, you want to make sure you choose a secluded area where police are not likely to drive by, and other people aren’t likely to see you.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Swimming outside while naked is always very exhilarating, but if you are looking for an even greater thrill, there are some things you can do. One option is to purchase a few sets of glow sticks. These will give off just enough light to be revealing to each other, but not so much as to attract a lot of attention from people who may be in the area.
  • If your exhibitionist streak runs deep, you could also each bring a waterproof, high-powered, very focused, flashlight. A quick tap of the button on the flashlight will leave your lover entirely exposed and flooded with excitement. You are both sure to love it.
  • It’s very important to know a bit about the water before you get in. Trust your instincts – if it doesn’t look right, don’t get in.
  • In many places getting naked in public is illegal, so the best place to go without clothes may be a private hotel room/airbnb. Find a bathtub with a good view and you’re good to go.

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