Paint each other date idea illustration

Like, paint a picture of each other. Or just paint on each other, whatever rocks your boat! When couples have fun together, they are able to bond and grow closers. Why not get artsy and use paint to have a memorable date?

Preparation steps:

  • Get all the basic supplies ready - youโ€™ll need canvases, paints, a mixing palette or two and paintbrushes. If youโ€™re going to be painting each other, we suggest you make sure you work with skin-safe paint.
  • Choose the room that will serve as your studio. Open the window and let in the fresh air and natural light of the sun. Have a comfortable chair or sofa ready to sit on for posing for the painting.
  • Use bright and vibrant colors and donโ€™t hold back your creativity. You should be having fun and donโ€™t have to worry about accuracy in capturing the likeness of your partner.
  • Edible paint is a great idea if youโ€™re going to be painting each other. This kind of paint come in an interesting variety of flavors.

Some tips:

  • Add a bottle of wine and yummy appetizers to make the date a little more special.
  • Make a โ€˜coupleโ€™s paintingโ€™ where the focus of the design is on being joined together in art form.
  • If you think you are bad at painting, just draw as wildly as you want and call it โ€˜a new movement in paintingโ€™.
  • A good test to see how safe paint is for your skin is to test a small amount of it on yourself first before you take part in any painting activities.
  • To add some spiciness to the date, take inspiration from Titanic and paint your date covered with a silky blanket and wearing little underneath.
  • Once all the art action is over, take a shower or bubble together to end the day on a relaxed note.

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