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Plunge into the Science

Dates should be fun and don’t always have to be about candlelight, dinner and soft music. Why not do something entirely different? Get slightly drunk and try science experiments at home! Channel your inner nerd for a fun time with your significant other.

Preparation steps:

  • Don’t overthink things - simply grab your partner and prepare yourselves for a date with a difference. You don’t have to be good at chemistry to enjoy its wonders.
  • Try experiments such as making clouds in a bottle, your own lava lamps or crystals, water rockets and a catapult that actually works. You don’t have to try complicated experiments, just have fun with your date.
  • Using a microscope to examine everyday objects is always fun. Be silly and examine jello or slime with your microscope.
  • Choose a room where you’ll be conducting your experiments. Cover any furniture that could get damaged or soiled with newspaper or some protective sheets. Don’t forget to cover the floor as well, just in case.

Some tips:

  • Always keep your safety in mind. The point is to have fun but if something goes wrong and you or your date gets injured, the day will be ruined. Also, restrain from sniffing or drinking any of the chemicals!
  • If your date is a whimsical and silly person, suggest that you come up with evil laughs to suit your mad scientist date. It’s spontaneous and cute fun.
  • Put on a lab coat and mask. Wearing an entire costume will add to the experience and you’ll feel like real mad scientists. Also, wear gloves to keep your hands safe during your crazy experimentation.
  • If you like to make things competitive, see who can get their experiments done first. Make it a competition with a nice prize for whoever is the best scientist. The loser should give the winner a foot massage!

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