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For your next special day with your significant other, grab a camera or smartphone and take a photo walk together. Whether you plan this activity or do it spontaneously, it’s bound to be a lot of fun and an ever-lasting memory!

Preparation steps:

  • Decide whether or not you want to make it a spontaneous date with your partner or one you’ll plan ahead. It can be fun to take a photo walk in the spur of the moment, but you can also schedule it so things go more smoothly.
  • If you’re planning ahead, try to make sure that you go for your walk on a day that will have clear weather. It will make for better photos and no one will end up wet if it starts to rain!
  • Choose a theme for the walk. You can take turns taking photos of things related to your theme. For example, if your theme is β€˜love’, anything that contains the word or hearts can be snapped. You can also take photos of anything that represents your personal views on the theme.
  • Do something with your photos. Don’t just store them away and forget about them in a week or two. Print the photos out and put them on your refrigerator or bedroom wall. Or get a photo album specifically for these photos.
  • Pack some food and drinks. To make the walk last as long as possible, pack your favorite snacks to stay energized.
  • Have fun! The point of the photo walk is to have a good time with your partner. Don’t worry about how good your photos are. Chances are if you take a few bad, funny photos you’ll love them more when looking at them years later.

Some tips:

  • Keep it simple - don’t overload yourselves with expensive and heavy photography gear. Even if you’re a photographer, stick with as simple a camera as you can. The walk should be fun and getting tired because your gear is weighing you down is far from enjoyable.
  • Take turns. You and your partner can take swap the camera or phone occasionally to snap your photos. Do this instead of each having their own camera - it’s more intimate if you share.
  • If you don’t know where to take your photo walk, look no further than your local neighborhood. It’s easy to overlook the beauty around you if you see it every day. Get your camera and look at your surroundings with new eyes.
  • You can also visit a zoo, local park, lake, or woods for some stunning and interesting photos.
  • Turn it into a regular thing. You and your partner can take a photo walk every month or season and try to take photos in new, different angles.
  • Take candid photos of each other. Often, the photos that we don’t pose for are the most valuable.

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